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Company history

"Achachani" is a company that has been around for 10 years, combines many brands and delights customers with quality products and a wide selection. The experience accumulated during this time and the drive for innovation ensured the company's quality, innovative approaches and diversity. The group focused as much as possible on offering customers comfortable shopping, therefore, it brought women's, men's and children's clothing into one space.

Blackfashion.ge is one of the leading brands of "Choice", which quickly established an important place in the market, because the latter presented modern women's clothes and accessories - created with the latest trends in mind. Black filled a void in the womenswear market by offering consumers a product they wanted but couldn't afford. Initially, 2 years ago, the company placed a small amount of this Turkish brand in the showroom. Due to Blackfashion's popularity and growing demand, it's been 5 months since its complete collection is available in "Choice" and on the official website, which was created with the idea of ​​offering more convenience to our customers.

Black fashion is a Turkish brand that produces modern clothes and accessories from quality and anti-allergic fabric, and if the design of any unit requires leather fabric, the latter uses an eco-friendly substitute. The brand is focused on offering products to people of all tastes, that's why in its collection you will find many style lines and clothes.


years of experience

135 ათასი+




Company values

Each employee of the company is a member of our big family, here respect is mutual and friendship is important. Our daily concern is their career development and creating a comfortable working environment. And after taking care of the family, we achieve the desired goal of taking care of the customer's well-being and satisfaction with our great, united, positive charge and energy.

Company mission

Our team is united around the idea to create a quality, tasteful, diverse selection of clothes on the Georgian market, regardless of the gender, age and taste of consumers. We want and aspire to use our experience and capabilities as much as possible and offer you an aesthetic and pleasant environment of the showroom and for even more comfort a website, which we work tirelessly to improve and develop.

working hours

Every day 10:00-22:00

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Technical University

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