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  • Why buy clothes made of tweed fabric?

If you want to look rich and solid, tweed is the easiest and best solution for that. This is the universal texture, which does not lose its relevance regardless of the season, including in winter, when it is very cold and everyone avoids fitting short skirts or shorts, tweed came to the rescue here as well for lovers of mini skirts, because the clothes created from the tight condition of the threads turned out to be quite warm and at the same time graceful - With winter shoes and tights. In addition, it is a high-quality, beautiful and fashionable fabric, which is distinguished by a wide palette of colors.

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Tweed is a coarse knotted wool fabric, which is created in different directions of the threads, that is why its variety of colors is also found in the knots of the fabric. High or commercial fashion is increasingly presenting jackets made of tweed. The popularity of the fabric has also led to a variety of garments made from it, now we can find tweed skirts, trousers, blouses, shorts and accessories.

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Why do we say that tweed is associated with wealth and solidity? - Let's return to this topic. Before tweed was discovered by one of the fashion houses, the luxury of tailoring it was only available to noble ladies and the latter was associated with their strict style.

Why was tweed invented? - because before that, they never looked at it as a mass-produced fabric. At first, only exclusive men's jackets were made from it. It seems that no one noticed the tenderness and femininity in her, except one.

  • Whose name is associated with the mass production of tweed?

Who was the one who created the tweed era? - However, it would be more correct to say that it is not an era - an always fashionable fabric that "doesn't go out of fashion".

In the 1920s, Gabrielle Chanel became the first fashion designer to adapt women's clothing. Since then, every season it has continued to offer innovations. If he saw that he could give more comfort to women, he would definitely do it. He created a woman who travels, moves, drives and plays sports.

As mentioned above, only men's jackets were made from tweed. Gabrielle Chanel found inspiration in the clothes of the men who appeared in her life - innovative, motivated and elegant, and she created tweed jackets for such women and/or told them to be as ambitious as the men.

Since 1927, Chanel has been using tweed fabric to make women's sport and day suits and coats, and in 1954, it first introduced the tweed jacket, which we know today as the iconic Chanel jacket. That was it, and tweed was soon picked up by other designers and a new classic style variation was created. However, we can't forget that tweed is not only considered a classic, modern fashion today makes it perfect for jeans, short skirts or sports shoes. Thus, the latter became universal - tweed made its way to the world.

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  • What became the specificity of Chanel tweed?

We already mentioned above that tweed fabric is extremely versatile. Now let's talk about why it is distinguished by the abundance of colors and who created its spectrum.

In 1924, Gabrielle Chanel began a collaboration with a Scottish factory that produced fabrics in her favorite colors. He created a spectrum based on his inspiration, even becoming one of the Scottish villages, and Chanel created a fabric made of the latter's foliage, moss and earth tones.

Gabrielle Chanel enhanced brightly colored threads in tweed, especially purple and red. The fashion designer was bold in the next experiment, he used the most innovative textile technologies and combined artificial fibers with wool threads to obtain light and fluffy fabrics. He played with fantastic yarns, the unevenness of which he liked best. With the combination of wool, cotton and silk, he got the versatility that we have already mentioned many times - that is what has become the specificity of Chanel tweed.

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  • How did tweed become a fundamental part of the Chanel look?

So, Gabrielle Chanel discovered tweed, and the continuation and strengthening of its repertoire is associated with Karl Lagerfeld, because it was he who, in addition to jackets, began to use the fabric for all silhouettes and situations, he created jackets, day and evening dresses, skirts and shorts.

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Lagerfeld did not stop at clothes, he also successfully produced tweed accessories - bags, shoes, jewelry. It was he who explored all the variations of tweed - denim, canvas, chiffon, lurex, leather, etc. in combination. Carl embellished tweeds with lace, beads, pearls, feathers or embroidery. That is why we can safely say that Lagerfeld contributed the lion's share to the creation of Chanel's iconic fabric. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chanel created tweed, and Lagerfeld exhausted its resources.

  • Tweed in commerce.

The possibilities of tweed have not been positively evaluated only by high fashion. Commerce loved this fabric as much as Chanel herself. That is why today we see tweed everywhere, at least one tweed garment or accessory can be found in everyone's wardrobe. Different brands produce clothes made from the latter under their own branding. However, any tweed created and supplied by a fashion house is still associated with Chanel for us. And when we see each other dressed in this beautiful fabric - we say or think - it's Chanel style.

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