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    The history of pink

    Pink was worn in ancient India and Imperial China, and it is also found in 18th century Europe, although only in the upper echelons, where it represented social status, as the materials used to dye clothes were quite expensive and an unaffordable pleasure.

    Who wore pink first?

    The first lady in Europe who wore pink and then systematically promoted it was Madame de Pompadour, the favorite of Louis XV. She often wore pink to show off her wealth, status, and abilities.
    That is why one of the most beautiful shades of pink was called Rose Pompadour.

    Pompadour pink

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    Pink Association

    Although the original Barbie doll, a high-fashion toy, was not marketed in pink in the teenage model, this tone was heavily used by Mattel's creators , making Barbie pink in the 70s. Thanks to this one common occurrence, the association was created that pink is associated with Barbie and vice versa.
    However, not all shades of pink are Barbie Pink. We know this color as Magenta, it is a beautiful tone that is present between the traditional pink and violet.

    barbie pink

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    How did pink become the new black?

    For the past few seasons, the phrase "pink is the new black" has been popular, because this shade has never been so popular, so popular.
    Establishing pink in fashion turned out to be a long process. If it is now one of the most popular shades among the diverse spectrum, it has led to quite a few fashionable and historical moments:
    1. In the 1950s, US First Lady Mamie Eisenhower wore a pink dress to her inauguration:
    2. (1953) Marilyn Monroe's iconic pink dress from the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes":
    3. (1978) Pink Coats from Grease:
    4. (1999) Oscars, Gwyneth Paltrow nominated for Best Actress. Dress: Ralph Lauren:
    5. (2015) Rihanna at the Grammys in a voluminous Giambattista Vall dress:
    6. (2019) Met Gala; Lady Gaga showed an insatiable sense of female emancipation with a pink dress:


    why pink

    • Pink, especially pastel, is a calming tone. It is associated with kindness, love and femininity.
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    • In art, he personified youth and romance. In recent history, the lingerie brand Victoria's Secret created a personal line of pink.
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    • The movies we grew up with made us associate that all the popular and influential college girls wear pink.
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    • Pink - an opportunity to look young. Thanks to the magic of this tone, you will lose a few years as soon as you adjust it.
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